Alienware Resurrection Area 51 M7700 Vintage 2005 Laptop Restoration

     A rebuilt Alienware Area 51 M7700 vintage 2005 laptop that was trashed when I got it. After replaced some hard to find parts and a new paint job it was resurrected back to like new condition. XP Media center, Pentium 4 3.6 CPU and hardware specifications along with 3Dmark benchmark and video of one of the benchmark demos running. The reviews in 2005 praised this as the fastest laptop on the market.(Excuse me in the video for some reason I keep calling 3DMark Passmark!)

An inside view of a 1993 Vintage Epson Actionnote 4SLC33 Laptop Repair and the Technology Used

     A look inside of a vintage 1993 Epson Actionnote 4SLC/33 laptop which was resurrected from the dead. Specifications, prices, technology, and MSDOS 6.22, Windows 3.1 software that was used. Repair of the Dallas Real Time clock in which a instruction video can be found on YouTube.
Also a file of vintage hard drive setting from various manufactures up until the early 90’s called TheRef can be found here.