Custom built Vacuum Tube Amplifiers built with a vintage look.
    Audio can be a subjective thing.  People perceive it differently and have different expectations and different goals. There are many people that are able to purchase very expensive equipment with elaborate listening rooms.  I suspect that there are more of us out there that can not.  It is possible to enjoy the benefits of vacuum tube amplification without breaking the bank. That is my idea of Sound For the regular guy.  You will notice the difference with vacuum tube amplification. Forget all the controversy on how or why not, just enjoy!  You can learn to build it yourself.

     If you are willing to put in some study time and have an interest in vacuum tube amplifiers, there are many books and web pages for your enjoyment. Experimenting is fun, and a little math goes a long way in understanding what is going on in a tube circuit. Forums and user groups are a good place to ask questions and learn from others. A good user group to join is the Fun With Tubes user group. instructions for joining can be found at the Fun With Tubes web site.

3 band tube tone control V2

3 Band Vacuum Tube Tone Control V2

     Back in 2017 I built a vacuum tube 3 band tone control based on the design of Max Robinson over at Fun With Tubes. Max has since improved the
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Optimus Pro LX5 II speaker crossover modification and foam surround replacement

     Modification to the LX5 II speaker crossovers with the original mid woofers and replacing the foam surrounds on the them. Larry Van Wormer’s crossover modifications can be found on
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Audio Note 6V6 Kit 4 Clone

     This is a clone of a Audio Note 6v6 Kit 4 stereo amplifier. I have wanted to build this circuit for about 5 years. It is a vast improvement
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Three Band Vacuum Tube Tone Control

        Being my ears are not what they used to be, I built a three band vacuum tube tone control. This circuit was designed by Max over at Fun
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180 Watt Stereo Amplifier

     I’m sure like me all of us have alot of parts laying around. Ideas are always running around and I decided to make use of an output transistor array
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KT77 SE Stereo Amplifier

     KT77 single ended stereo project. I have to say, it sounds far better than I expected for a low power amp. I would have never believed 4 watts of
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6L6 Push Pull amplifier

6L6 Stereo Front       I wanted to build a good sounding 6L6 amplifier in the 20 watt range with minimal components. I believe less is more to attain
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EL34 vacuum tube amplifier

      El34 Push Pull Stereo Amplifier. I used Edcor CXPP-25-8-5K transformers, Hammond 159T choke, TAD EL34B STR Premium tubes, two 12AU7’s and one 12AX7 while implementing fixed bias,
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6V6 Stereo Amplifier (Dynaco)

     This one is a 6V6 push pull stereo amplifier that is based on age old Dynaco 6V6 circuit that many have built. Edcor transformers were used and a Glassware
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Sherwood S-5000 II Stereo

S-5000 II stereo amplifier      This is a great Sherwood S-5000 II amplifier which uses 7868’s for the outputs. Beware if you find an amplifier that uses these tubes, you
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Pioneer SX-82 Vacuum Tube Stereo Receiver

Pioneer SX-82       Some years ago, I restored a Pioneer SX-82 which is a late 60’s vintage AM/FM stereo. With it’s complement of 29 tubes, 28 watts per channel output,
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