Compaq Deskpro EP, 1998 Windows 95 PC, factory installed software

     A Compaq Deskpro EP factory Windows 95 factory software restored. 4.3gb hard drive, cdtom, Diamond viper V550 video card, Compaq Soundblaster 128, modem & 3com network card. This PC ran a hospital nurse call system 20 years without being shut down other than when I shut it down every few years to blow out the dust and replace the UPS battery. It ran faithfully  all those years never shutting down as it was connected to an emergency power generator circuit.

20 Years Of Computer History

     20 years of computer history, upgrading and tweaking on a shoestring budget 1980 to 2000. Many things that my friends and I experienced while having fun with the hobby including hardware, software, networks, etc. that may have been forgotten. We experimented and learned about computers from the Commodore 64, to x86 personal computers.