Pioneer SX-82 Vacuum Tube Stereo Receiver

Pioneer SX-82

      Some years ago, I restored a Pioneer SX-82 which is a late 60’s vintage AM/FM stereo. With it’s complement of 29 tubes, 28 watts per channel output, it was a nice challenge.  I replaced all the signal caps with Illinois caps (yellow), all the electrolytics, burnt wire-wound cathode resistors in the outputs, many of the tubes along with the Russian 6P15P-EV’s in the outputs. I uses those because the original 7189A’s are not available and current EL84’s would not be able to handle the power out.  It ended up with a nice sound and was worth the effort.

Pioneer SX-82 Top

      Because the original electrolytics were not available at the time the choices were to re-stuff them or replace and add what was needed,  I replaced them with some JJ’s and added the two beside the transformer as you can see from the photo.

SX-82 bottom1

     It takes patience, a steady had and time to replace all the capacitors in a receiver like this. The yellow caps are new.

SX-82 bottom 2
SX-82 bottom 3
SX-82 back
Pioneer SX-82 Specifications
Pioneer SX-82 schematic